“The birth of biopower in eighteenth-century Germany” and the role of Bavarian court practitioners

In an article published by Medical History 55 (2011), Claudia Stein presents a new research programme, in which medical practitioners of the Bavarian Court were at the forefront of populationist politics.

Abstract: In April 2009, Sir David Attenborough, the respected face and voice of British natural history programmes for more than fifty years, became the patron of a new charity, the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), an organisation campaigning to limit the world’s population. His reason for accepting the honour, he confessed to The Times, was that he was terribly worried about the dramatic increase of the world’s population and the effect it was having on the quality of human life throughout the world: There are three times as many people in the world as when I started making television programmes only a mere fifty-six years ago. It is frightening.We can’t go on as we have been. We are seeing the consequences in terms of ecology, atmospheric pollution and in terms of the space and food production.

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