Medicine, Politics, and Cultute in the Modern Japanese Empire

On May 10-11th, the Japan Committee of the University of Chicago is sponsoring the Tenth Japan at Chicago Conference on the theme of “Medicine, Politics, and Culture in the Japanese Empire.”  The three panels will explore the circulation of medical knowledge and personnel within the empire, responses to infectious disease at the state and local levels, and the intersection between consumer culture and medicine in the metropole and empire.  For the conference schedule and further information, please see the conference website:

Although it concerns the modern period, it might be a first step into the Edo period, on which the issues of medicine and politics needs still be explored.

Medici di corte e reti dell’informazione politica in età moderna (Roma, 3 april 2012)

Università di Roma Sapienza – Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Religioni


03 aprile 2012

Sala di Lettura della Biblioteca – Sezione Medioevo


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“History Comes to Life”: conference around Martin Lister (1629-1712), Royal Physician

This conference considers the interrelationships between medicine and the endeavour of natural history in the seventeenth-century.  It will be held to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Martin Lister (1639-1712), Royal Physician and the first arachnologist and conchologist. The meeting will not only address Lister’s work but will consider to what extent practices and technologies of natural history changed between the Renaissance and the seventeenth century. We will also explore how acquisition of natural history knowledge and new schemes of taxonomy affected perception and treatment of animals for medical and experimental use.