“History Comes to Life”: conference around Martin Lister (1629-1712), Royal Physician

This conference considers the interrelationships between medicine and the endeavour of natural history in the seventeenth-century.  It will be held to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Martin Lister (1639-1712), Royal Physician and the first arachnologist and conchologist. The meeting will not only address Lister’s work but will consider to what extent practices and technologies of natural history changed between the Renaissance and the seventeenth century. We will also explore how acquisition of natural history knowledge and new schemes of taxonomy affected perception and treatment of animals for medical and experimental use.

Hans Sloane Correspondance Project

Sir Hans Sloane’s Correspondence Online provides access to the letters of Hans Sloane (1660-1753), courtly physician, scientist and collector. Sloane’s letters cover a wide range of topics, such as science, travel, collecting and medicine. In 1712, Sloane became Physician Extraordinary to the Queen, even attending her during her last illness in 1714, and was frequently called in to treat members of the royal family. George I named Sloane a Baronet in 1716, while George II made him Physician-in-Ordinary.

Initially, this site makes available letter summaries for all of Sloane MSS 4037 and 4075, most of MSS 4038-4041 and some of MSS 4036, 4042-4044. We will gradually add summaries of letters from the remaining volumes. The site also highlights random letters and will soon provide short essays about the collection.